There are things that are moving and are beyond my control, and I really don’t like it.  Most people don’t.  I know and am finally coming to accept what has to be done, will be done, and what will happen; even if I don’t like it.  I also really don’t like things not working or complying with my time table.  It all comes down to that patience issue and my lack thereof.  I do have some good news that I will share and this will be the first time mentioning it.  We finally got the website that goes with this program. We are awaiting the design and construction of the site. It should be up by Monday.  Then we can do what the instructions tell us to do and move forward with the project.  It seems like a really good idea and great way to make money. I just know that Dad and I are both tired of spending money on things that are fake and don’t work.  I truly believe there are some legitimate ideas and programs out there but very discouraging when you feel you keep getting hosed at every opportunity.  A lot of things are coming to a head and breaking and it’s getting very discouraging and disappointing.  I find it very hard to continue to stay in a positive frame of mind. I really think that my mettle or fortitude is being tested and I just have that niggling feeling that I just might fail.  I just know that I must move forward no matter the outcome with any of the things that I have going on.  That means the blogs, websites, pages and profiles on social media networks to get this business going.  So here’s to trudging on. Till my next post,